Entry #1

Might as Well Make a First Post.

2011-01-24 19:07:44 by MaxWerkmeister

Now that I have something people will actually see to possibly motivate them to look at my page I might as well post something.

So here goes.

-I typed a long explanation of how I made the series, but reading that is like reading paint dry*, so I'll just say this-

Long story short, made it like any cartoon is made- wrote it, voiced it & got other voices, then animated the hell out of it. Yeah it's all pretty crude but if I keep at it, I think could get it exponentially better. There were a couple animation shots where I was feeling like I was getting the hang of it, but I never kept it consistent. The sound quality is tough because I suck at compressing things (obviously by the size of the file & loading time, any tips appreciated) and I will practice my voice acting.

Alright, so thanks for watching (I assume). I don't know how long it'll be till the next episode, but if this continues to get positive reception, I'll work harder at making sure it gets made. Don't expect the length of the first one (or that slow pacing either, hooray!), but I'll keep working at it and practicing.

*yes, "reading paint dry."


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2011-01-25 18:55:10

dude... it's getting a great response... all in all, folks have the same issues with it, which is great... cuz if means you can fix those specific things.

Can't wait for your future projects :)


2011-02-23 23:07:50

very great! congratulations your animation ... >:D


2011-03-28 20:05:12

seeeeeeequel of abysmal adventures, pleeeeeeeese

MaxWerkmeister responds:

In the making, getting the cast back and having them record their shit. My shit's done. Gonna take a while to animate, college is a time-consuming bitch. I'm gonna attempt to get two more installments done over the summer. In due time, mein friend!


2011-06-15 21:57:54

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2011-08-02 20:11:57

Can't wait to see your next addition.